Through Awareness, Education, Prevention, Advocacy, Policy, and Support, we WILL End Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking in Indiana.

The Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking (ICESAHT) was formed in October 2015 to answer a critical need in Indiana. Our goal is to improve the state’s response to victims of sexual assault and human trafficking by bringing awareness to this problem and educating Hoosiers, through primary prevention initiatives, create a culture of care that will, in due course, lead to the end of sexual violence.

It is part of ICESAHT’s mission to provide communication, training, and a supportive network to sexual assault and human trafficking service providers, survivors, and supporters throughout Indiana. Not only do we target Indiana’s larger cities, but rural areas, college campuses, and various locations throughout the state. To this end, ICESAHT helps direct state resources, as well as privately raised funds, to local programs in order to empower individuals and communities to end sexual assault.

As a macro level organization, ICESAHT:

  • Provides communication and a supportive network to sexual assault service providers, survivors, and supporters throughout Indiana.
  • Offers comprehensive training showcasing evidence-based practices to network members and community-based organizations.
  • Provides public education and raises public awareness about sexual assault, including effective methods of prevention and available services.
  • Actively addresses public policy affecting survivors of sexual assault and service providers/healthcare professionals.
  • Promotes the expansion of sexual assault services.
  • Assists in building the capacity of community organizations, service providers and other allies to help survivors and their families throughout Indiana.

Please continue to check our training & events page for more information, and feel free to contact us at any time with suggestions for further programming.