StepIn: A Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign

StepIn was created by ICESAHT in partnership with Nogginwerks and Emmis Communications to increase awareness and to inspire action to eradicate sexual assault on college campuses and the surrounding communities by creating a groundswell of conversation through social media exposure beginning at the end of August and continuing through November. The StepIn campaign is designed to reach students and the surrounding communities through a targeted social media campaign that will reach the intended audience where they live, work, learn, and play. In addition, engagement through grassroots efforts such as campaign buttons, ads in local establishments, student created artwork around campus and partnerships with local businesses will be a part of the campaign awareness strategies.

What does StepIn mean?

Based on the philosophy and strategy of Bystander Intervention, StepIn simply means, to act /intervene when you see either the potential for or outright harmful and/or unhealthy behaviors that increase the risk of violence; specifically, sexual violence. To “StepIn” is to be proactive in the approach to the prevention of sexual violence.  The action to “StepIn” sends a clear message that harmful, high risk behaviors are not acceptable and will be stopped. When we Stop, Think Engage Prevent Indiana creates a campus, a community, a state that changes the culture and norms that support sexual violence.

What campuses will StepIn?

The campaign will be launched at six Indiana colleges and universities: Indiana University Bloomington, Purdue University, Butler University, Wabash College, Ball State University, and DePauw University. The majority of these colleges and universities are a part of a larger Primary Prevention effort to Engage Men in Sexual Assault Prevention.

Who can StepIn?

Anyone can StepIn and we encourage everyone to StepIn. Sexual Violence is frequently referred to as a “women’s issue” which creates a disconnect and subsequently a uncertainty on how one can help when they do not identify as female. The engagement of men in the sexual violence movement is vital. StepIn provides males who were otherwise unsure of how they can play a role in preventing and ending sexual violence, with an opportunity to do so.

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Indiana, the time is now to StepIn.