IPATH Taskforce


The Indiana Protection for Abused and Trafficked Humans Taskforce



Utilize a survivor-centered approach to more effectively prevent, detect, and prosecute human trafficking in Indiana, and empower and support survivors.


About Us

The IPATH Taskforce is comprised of law enforcement, advocacy groups, service providers, worker organizers, and community leaders to facilitate a coordinated, multi-disciplinary state response to more effectively address human trafficking throughout Indiana.  We believe this can only be successfully accomplished through a survivor-centered, trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive approach.


IPATH Taskforce Committees:


Community, Awareness, Prevention, and Education (CAPE) Committee

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The CAPE Committee of the IPATH Taskforce is comprised of members from various organizations and backgrounds seeking to utilize a survivor centered approach to expand community awareness of human trafficking throughout Indiana.


Labor Trafficking Committee (LTC)

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The LTC of the IPATH Taskforce is a committee comprised of advocacy groups, service providers, worker organizers, law enforcement, and community leaders who serve the needs of, protect/defend the rights of, or are community leaders of populations particularly vulnerable to labor trafficking.  These populations include: immigrants, refugees, migrant workers, low-wage workers, domestic workers, and sex industry workers.


Law Enforcement Committee (LEC)

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The LEC of the IPATH Taskforce is a committee comprised of local, state, and federal law enforcement, including law enforcement officers/agents, probation officers, prosecutors, and LE victim specialists, all of whom are focused on utilizing a victim-centered approach to more effectively detect, investigate, and prosecute human trafficking in Indiana and recover and protect survivors.


Victim Services Committee (VSC)

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The VSC of the IPATH Taskforce is comprised of multi-disciplinary professionals who currently serve youth and adults who have experienced trafficking, as well as those who serve populations particularly vulnerable to trafficking, and those who serve in the parallel movements of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness.


IPATH Taskforce Structure


Our sincere thanks to the Herbert Simon Family Foundation for supporting the work of the IPATH Taskforce and ICESAHT.