• We live in a fast paced, ego centric society. We have been socialized to “stay out of other people’s business” and to “not get involved”.  Yet, in a culture where rape and a myriad of other sexually violent behaviors dominate and put so many at risk, it is all our responsibility to be aware of and recognize signs and behaviors and do something to Stop those behaviors from continuing.  A situation doesn’t have to be dangerous for you to StepIn.


  • Once you have Stopped and observed behavior that is inappropriate, demeaning, sexually aggressive etc. (a good guide may be to refer to the Continuum of Sexual Violence) Think about the most appropriate and safest way to Engage/Intervene. Once you have seen or heard something making the choice to do nothing should not be an option.


  • There are many ways to Engage and StepIn when you see or hear something that is not right.
    • →DISTRACT You can disrupt the situation just by talking, like striking up a conversation about anything. Your goal is to prevent a situation from getting worse, or better yet, buy enough time to check in with the potential victim and ask them if they are okay.
    • DIRECT Ask directly if they are okay or if they need help or someone to stay with them. You can ask if they’re ready to leave or if they’d like to grab a bite with you to help remove them from an uncomfortable situation.
    • →DELEGATE This is key: There’s comfort in numbers. Enlisting allies, like another mutual friend, can defuse the situation much more smoothly than trying to go it alone. You can also look for someone else who might be in a better position to get involved – i.e. tell the bouncer, find an RA, look for the person’s friends, or call the authorities.


  • When you make the choice to Stop, Think and Engage when you see something that is not right, you not only Prevent sexual violence for that one individual, you are modeling behavior that emphasizes that sexual violence in any form is not okay and you are demonstrating to those around you that they too have the power to Prevent sexual violence and to make the community safer.


  • Ending Sexual Violence is the responsibility of every INdiana Hoosier. While the responsibility for sexual violence lies solely with the perpetrator, we all play a role in preventing such violence and looking out for each other’s safety and making our communities safer.




StepIn was created by ICESAHT in 2017 to increase awareness and to inspire action to eradicate sexual assault on college campuses and the surrounding communities.



Based on the philosophy and strategy of Bystander Intervention, StepIn simply means, to act /intervene when you see either the potential for or outright harmful and/or unhealthy behaviors that increase the risk of violence; specifically, sexual violence. To “StepIn” is to be proactive in the approach to the prevention of sexual violence. The action to “StepIn” sends a clear message that harmful, high risk behaviors are not acceptable and will be stopped. When we Stop, Think Engage Prevent Indiana creates a campus, a community, a state that changes the culture and norms that support sexual violence.



Seven Indiana colleges and universities are StepIn campuese: Indiana University Bloomington, Purdue University, Goshen College, Butler University, Wabash College, Ball State University, and DePauw University. The majority of these colleges and universities are a part of a larger Primary Prevention effort to Engage Men in Sexual Assault Prevention.