WWID Prevention Curriculum

What Would I Do?

What Would I Do? (WWID) is an evidence-based trafficking prevention curriculum for Indiana’s youth created by the IPATH Youth Committee. Three age-appropriate modules are available for presentation to 5th through 12th graders. The curriculum is presented by trained and certified facilitators in schools and community groups, or anywhere youth are served. WWID was created because of lack of age appropriate education about abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. The curriculum offers youth space to think critically and speak openly about healthy relationships, cultural messages, harmful stereotypes, barriers to seeking help, strategies for staying safe, and action steps for responding to unsafe situations. Relevant, real life scenarios are presented through a series of interactive activities to engage the youth and foster critical conversations. WWID aligns with Indiana’s Academic Standards and is the first curriculum of its kind.  

To learn more about WWID, please email youthcurriculum.ipath@gmail.com.


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