The solution is prevention.

The goal of sexual violence primary prevention is simple – to stop it before it happens.

We’re not just referring to stopping a single act of violence; primary prevention means getting to the root problem and working to change our culture to one that believes and promotes safety, respect and equality.

Sexual Violence Continuum

As illustrated by the Sexual Violence Continuum, sexual violence is not one single act of aggression but part of a larger continuum of attitudes, beliefs and actions that support sexual violence with the root cause being oppression including racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, ableism and others. These forms of oppression often compound the effects of sexual victimization, making the trauma even worse.

Ending sexual violence requires comprehensive primary prevention strategies that address the continuum at each level of the social ecology – individual relationship, community and societal to effectively address and ultimately end sexual violence.

ICESAHT Primary Prevention Strategies

Bystander training that emphasizes the development and use of prevention skills.

Media campaigns to support social norms that promote safety, equality and respect.

Engaging college men to become allies in ending sexual violence through education and advocacy.

Community partnerships to mobilize a broader audience around sexual violence prevention.

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