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Prevention starts with education.

ICESAHT is committed to ending sexual assault and human trafficking in Indiana, which means we must be committed to embracing all educational opportunities to enhance our skills and knowledge. ICESAHT facilitates an aggressive training schedule, which includes multiple methods of learning, from in-person to your at your workplace. The trainings cover a variety of topics that are evidence based, trauma informed, culturally competent, and victim centered.

Our goal is to provide thought-provoking, skill-building, and accessible learning opportunities that support advocacy, programming, strategic planning, capacity building, and education while preparing you to effectively serve survivors and your community. We continually assess trends in order to identify ways to address the needs and concerns of those we partner with. ICESAHT is committed to fostering comprehensive learning opportunities that will equip leaders to better their practices related to education and response to sexual violence and human trafficking.

Speak Volumes Without Ever Uttering a Word: How the Use of Pronouns in Your Communications Opens Doors to More Than the LGBTQ+ Community

When: Tuesday, June 28th, 2022  |  10-11:30AM EST
Where: Virtual (zoom)
Law Enforcement CEU – 1.5 hrs.  |  Behavioral Health CEU – 1.5 hrs.

For decades we in law enforcement have conveyed messages without ever saying a word. The way we dress, the way we stand, the design on our patrol cars, our unique police mannerisms and facial expressions have sent signals to our communities. We’ve been taught that the signals we are sending are ones of, integrity, confidence, competency, courage, strength, accountability, honor, and approachability. These signals are intended to convey to the public that we are the “shining knight” here to protect and save you. However, for many in society, the starched shirts, shiny shoes, uniformed patrol cars, unique mannerisms and facial expressions send a message of being narrow minded, ridged, unapproachable, and incompetent.


Moving Forward: Viewing Justice through a Transformative and Restorative Lens LIVE!!

Our online course will begin accepting new registrations for anyone interested in completing the training. The fee is set at $100 which is the same as our full conference price. After registering, you will have 60 days to complete the course. Upon completion, a certificate will be available for download.


LGBTQ+ Inclusion for Service Providers

A 101 level understanding of LGBTQ concepts, Indy area statistics, vocabulary, and service provider specific considerations for queer and trans clients.


Topical Trainings

Offered three times annually, ICESAHT’s topical trainings are tailored to the needs of our community partners and providers, including law enforcement, prevention specialists, state agencies, attorneys, advocates, educators, and community-based service providers.

Click here for upcoming topical trainings and registration information.


Our webinars cover a variety subjects to help advocates and service providers stay informed about best practices for serving survivors and preventing sexual violence and human trafficking. The webinars are presented by members of the ICESAHT team and guest experts.

Click here for upcoming webinar topics and registration information.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live offers an interactive opportunity to hear from sexual assault and anti-trafficking professionals on a variety of timely topics. Like our Facebook page (@ICESAHT) to stay up-to-date on all ICESAHT happenings.


CORE 40 is a free Sexual Assault Victim Advocate training course designed primarily for sexual assault advocates working with victims of sexual assault and human trafficking in Rape Crisis Centers or Dual/Multi-Service Organizations. The training topics are standardized with suggested teaching points that allow for consistency throughout the field. This training offers the necessary “core,” or basic knowledge and skills, to provide competent and effective sexual assault services to meet the specialized needs of victims impacted by sexual violence.

Community Workshops and Presentations

ICESAHT is a community resource. If you are interested in arranging for a presentation for your place of work, community organization, or school, please contact our Director of Education and Advancement, Minette Kamara, at

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