Rape Crisis Centers

Help for Survivors

Rape Crisis Centers create an environment in which survivors feel safe and empowered, and reduce the trauma experienced by survivors. Trained advocates help survivors provide compassionate support at any point during a survivor’s healing journey.

The victim-centered, trauma-informed and culturally competent services provided by Rape Crisis Centers include:

24-Hour Crisis Hotline

Hospital/Medical Advocacy

Criminal Justice Advocacy

Community Awareness and Outreach

Prevention Education

Professional Counseling/Therapy

Support Group

Service Standards

ICESAHT identified Rape Crisis Centers adhere to service standards developed by the coalition. Service standards are important to ensure that every sexual assault and human trafficking survivor receive excellent advocacy and support.

In addition to the Service Standards, ICESAHT works in partnership with the Rape Crisis Centers to ensure that policies, practices and services are in place by following the Rape Crisis Center Standards Checklist.

Additional Resources

Sexual assault services programs play a pivotal role in the healing journey of those who have experienced sexual violence. They provide advocacy services related to the immediate crisis and long-term needs of survivors, as well as prevention and education efforts focused on building strong and safe communities. (Building Cultures of Care, A Guide for Sexual Assault Services Building)

Please access these resources to deepen your understanding of developing effective, victim-centered, trauma-informed and culturally sensitive services.

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