Commitment to Anti-Racism and Racial Justice


ICESAHT’s vision is an Indiana without sexual assault and human trafficking. Sexual assault and human trafficking are rooted in oppression and oppressive systems that marginalize individuals and communities.

We denounce all acts of violence and disregard for human rights. We cannot end sexual violence and human trafficking without addressing and working to end any forms of oppression—including racism.

As a leader in the movement to ending sexual violence and human trafficking, ICESAHT recognizes the grief and struggle of Black Communities to be freed from unequal treatment, violence, and injustice. We are committed to supporting their plight to be treated justly and be freed of fear. Black Lives Matter.

We stand by the belief that all forms of hatred, inequality, and injustice must be eradicated from our society.

We commit to supporting and pursuing meaningful solutions to uproot systemic oppression in all societies by using our statewide platform as follows:

  • To be an ideal ally to community leaders committed to protecting human rights, advocating for change, and ending the grief of communities of colors—locally, nationally, and globally.
  • To center racialized people in our fight to prevent and end sexual violence and human trafficking.
  • To educate stakeholders on the crossroads of racial justice, sexual violence, and human trafficking.

We invite you—our partners—to consider your own role in ending racially based violence and disparate treatment by our society at large, and by our systems of justice in particular. By working together, we can end racial injustice, sexual violence, and human trafficking.

Join us!

In solidarity, Board and Staff, Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking

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