Formation of ICESAHT

Officials Announce Formation Of Indiana Coalition To End Sexual Assault

By Brandon Smith

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INDIANAPOLIS — Attorney General Greg Zoeller Wednesday announced the creation of a non-profit organization dedicated to helping sexual assault victims. The new group will fill the role vacated when the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault, or INCASA, fell apart last year.

The new organization is called the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking. Using public and private dollars, it will connect sexual assault service efforts around the state, provide support for victims and training for advocates. The Coalition’s board will be led by Frank Pulice. He says INCASA, which the new group replaces, fell apart last year due to fiscal insolvency, brought on by what Pulice calls “mismanagement.”

“There’s wasn’t big accountability between their board and the staff,” Pulice said. “We’re going to make that much different. We’re going to prioritize all along the board, all along with the staff.”

Laura Berry is one of Indiana’s leading sexual assault victim advocates. She says she’s impressed by the new coalition – which includes several business leaders.

“Well, I think they have some strong abilities with their board members who can open up some doors for them to be able to seek funding,” Berry said.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller and State Representative Christina Hale will also sit on the board – Pulice says it was important to him to have state officials engaged in the group.