Founding CEO of Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking to step down after six years of service

Tracey Horth Krueger played a key role in reactivating statewide coalition

(Indianapolis, Ind.)  The Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking (ICESAHT) announced today that Tracey Horth Krueger, the organization’s founding CEO, has made the decision to step down from the CEO position effective October 1, 2021.

Tracey Horth Krueger joined ICESAHT as one of two employees in 2015, with the intention of creating a nationally recognized and trusted organization for shifting culture, supporting survivors, and strengthening communities to prevent and end sexual violence and human trafficking. The coalition’s work focuses on four key areas:  building capacity in victim services; prevention and education; continuing education and statewide training; and research, evaluation, policy development, and advocacy.

“When I left my consulting business in 2015 to lead ICESAHT, I intended to stay with the coalition until I felt it was the right time to step away,” said Tracey Horth Krueger, CEO of ICESAHT. “I’m proud of the committed team that we have built, along with the dedicated coalition members who work tirelessly every day to support our survivors and put an end to sexual violence and human trafficking.”

With support from its board, partners, and a dedicated team, ICESAHT has grown significantly under Horth Krueger’s leadership. Since 2015, ICESAHT has increased its budget by 113 percent, due to a combination of fundraising, state and local investment, grants, and private donations. The sustainable financial support has led to ICESAHT to:

  • Increase county coverage of Rape Crisis Centers to 66 percent from 10 percent.
  • Increase county coverage of Sexual Assault Response Teams to 56 percent from 20 percent.
  • Assume coordination of the 150-member Indiana Protection of Abused and Trafficked Humans Taskforce.
  • Develop and implement a sexual assault primary prevention curriculum in 2017 partnering with 14 college and university campuses and multiple community organizations, as well as creating Indiana-specific sexual bystander intervention curriculum and social media campaign.
  • Lead or present at four statewide conferences, ten CORE 40 trainings, 19 regional meetings, and 244 trainings, webinars, livestreams, and podcasts.

“While I am proud of our accomplishments in the last six years, sexual violence and human trafficking continue to affect far too many Hoosiers,” Horth Krueger continued. “When you consider that one in five Indiana women have been sexually assaulted, and our state ranks fourth in the nation for reported rapes among high school girls and sixth for high school boys, it is clear that we have much, much more to do.”

ICESAHT has tapped Hale Strategy, who will work in conjunction with the board, to conduct the search for the new coalition CEO, as well as serve as interim CEO during the transition. Hale Strategy is led by Christina Hale, a founding board member of the coalition and a former member of the Indiana General Assembly. As a state representative, Hale championed legislation that protected children and vulnerable populations from violence.

“Tracey has served the organization and mission of ICESAHT with professionalism and passion,” said ICESAHT Board President and former Indiana Attorney General

Greg Zoeller. “During the first six years she has developed the organization to a strong position for our next leader.”

In addition to her service to ICESAHT, Horth Krueger spent ten years as a consultant, where she supported non-profit organizations with leadership development, strategic planning, marketing and branding campaigns, and advancement. She assisted four non-profit organizations in an interim executive director role.

Horth Krueger was the executive director of the Domestic Violence Network from 1998-2005. From 1978-1997, she was a reporter and anchor at WRTV-6, the Indianapolis ABC affiliate. She played a key role in the Safe Haven public awareness campaign, which resulted in the opening of Coburn Place Safe Haven. Horth Krueger, who was elected to the Washington Township School Board in 2020, plans to continue to explore opportunities to support her community in a meaningful way.


ICESAHT empowers Indiana communities to prevent sexual assault and human trafficking and serve those impacted through comprehensive training, advocacy, public awareness, and coordinated sexual assault services.