Make the Number Zero

Indiana’s Statewide Sexual Assault Coalition Launches Annual “Make the Number Zero” Campaign

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking (ICESAHT) launches the third annual “Make the Number Zero” fundraising campaign today, August 1. With a goal of $50,000, this campaign seeks to end sexual violence and human trafficking in Indiana. Individuals and companies can donate to the campaign online at throughout the month of August and September.

The donated funds will help ICESAHT continue growing programs, creating a deeper impact, reaching more people, and expanding prevention strategy. It will also help continue shifting culture and strengthening Indiana communities to end sexual violence; ensuring all victims receive the services they need and deserve.

The previous year’s campaign provided the opportunity for over 900 sexual assault victim advocates to attend comprehensive, trauma-informed trainings, conferences, and webinars. These various educational opportunities for victim advocates result in survivors receiving better services and overall care.

 In addition, the 2017 campaign contributed to the creation of over 1,000 “We’ve Got Your Back, backpacks” which include clothing, toiletries, undergarments and flip flops. These backpacks were delivered to victim advocates and sexual assault nurse examiners who provide them to sexual assault victims who submit their clothing to evidence after receiving a medical forensic exam.

The donations also helped to bring focus to the need for additional services throughout the state.  As a result, nine rape crisis centers were developed across the state and ICESAHT began the administrative role for the Indiana Protection for Abused and Trafficked Humans (IPATH).

“ICESAHT is working to end sexual violence and human trafficking in Indiana,” said ICESAHT’s Chief Executive Officer, Tracey Horth Krueger. “Your donation will truly help us make the number zero as you will be making a meaningful impact on survivors and support sexual assault service providers, and empower communities in our state.”

Overall, these donations help change Indiana’s landscape for responding, serving and preventing sexual violence and human trafficking. Donating to the “Make the Number Zero” campaign fills the gap in resources throughout all communities in the state.