Sexual Assault Kit Audit – Final Report

During the 2017 legislative session, Senate Resolution 55 (SR55) was passed and adopted by the Indiana General Assembly. In adopting this resolution, the Indiana General Assembly…  ” urges the Indiana State Police to conduct a thorough audit of all untested sexual assault examination kits within the State, and that each law enforcement agency, laboratory, or healthcare facility responsible for the collection, storage, or maintenance of  sexual assault kits is expected to respond to the Indiana State Police with details of the number of untested kits processed, and the the extent possible, the reasons the kits remain unprocessed, and that the Indiana State Police report to the Legislative Council the findings and recommended solutions of that audit before December 1, 2017…”

To read the full report  click on the link below.

Report of the Findings and Recommendations for Senate Resolution 55 – Untested Rape Kit Audit